Craziest baby names of 2015

Some people will name their kids just about anything.

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  • Some people's kids, am I right?

  • According to The Baby Center's annual survey and the United States Social Security Administration here are some names you won't believe people actually named their children this year.

  • Adjectives

  • Awesome, Heavenly, Wise, Savvy, Majestic, Blue, Handsome

  • Must be another language

  • Frooti, Arantxa, Nyx, Chichi, Hephzibah, Valkyrie, Miggy, Krithik

  • Negative

  • Mayhem, Harsh, Rage, Eliminate, Rogue, Chaos, Jihad, Rukus

  • Inanimate objects

  • Twinkie, Arrow, Story, Blade, Atlas

  • In Charge

  • Messiah, Boss, Captain, Apollo, Chief, Master, Goddess

  • Clothing

  • Denim, Couture, Velvet, Jersey

  • Places

  • Alaska, Cairo, Kansas, Texas, Alabama, Pheonix

  • Pop Culture

  • Jedi, Inigo, Primrose, Cato, Madonna

  • Just no..

  • Conception

  • Craziest baby names of 2015

    What are the strangest names you've ever heard?

    Posted by I Love My Family ( on Monday, October 17, 2016

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